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About Us


In 1999, six engineers founded Telemetry & Communications Systems, Inc. (TCS) with the intent to bring the best products and services in the industry to their clients.

They recognized from the beginning that in order to do this, they would have to revolutionize industry practices in the areas of sales and support, company organization, and design.


Sales and Support

Other companies send a sales representative out to assess a client’s needs and firm a contract. Then a technical team does the install, and when something goes wrong, the client contacts a separate customer support team.

TCS does things differently. They believe that no one can better assess a client’s needs than the engineer team who will design their system. And no one can better make adjustments or repairs than the engineer team who knows the system in and out. As a client, you’ll deal with the same team from start to finish (and beyond), so we’re always on the same page.


Our Team

TCS is employee owned. This means that the satisfaction of every client is of the utmost importance to each engineer. The dedication we’ve shown our clients over the years has given us a reputation for integrity and has made us industry leaders in client satisfaction.

Our engineer team is highly qualified with a combined experience of over 100 man-years in the telemetry and satellite ground tracking industry, and is comprised of Electrical, Mechanical, Software, and RF Engineers who have developed customized Antenna Control Units, Antennas, and Pedestals of various types and sizes for use throughout the world.



Rather than try to sell a one-size-fits-all system, we assess the specific needs of each client and develop a customized system designed for optimum performance, reliability, and ease of integration with your current system.

We provide turnkey solutions for flight test, range, launch support, flight termination, and satellite ground support applications. Our systems are used in demanding 24 hour/day, 365 day/year applications where reliability is paramount.

We have extensive experience refurbishing and providing upgrades to existing systems, as well as designing entirely new systems. Our products utilize the latest in pedestal design, electronics integration, and software automation


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