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Mobile Tracking Systems


Modular Capability                     

All TCS Tracking and Pointing Systems are designed for ultimate performance and flexibility.  Each system is built with modular capability to suit the demands of changing applications, including stationary to mobile use. 

However, we designed several models in our product line specifically for mobile application:







Model 600 

Take this mobile system out in the field, plug it in, and experience instant communication with remotely operated vehicles.  
System specs:
  • 16” reflector
  • Dual-axis
  • L/S Band or Ku Band capable
  • Built-in compass and tilt sensor
  • Ethernet or serial connection
  • Points magnetic north in reference frame
  • Total system weight: 31 lbs.

Model 1800

Light and portable.  Mount on a small trailer, or on top of a van or telescoping mast. System specs:
  • 4’ or 6’ reflector
  • Dual-axis
  • L/S Band or Ku Band capable              
  • ACU-M1 controller
  • Total system weight: 180 lbs. to 210 lbs.
  • Operational up to 55 MPH wind speed
  • Up to 40° per second maximum speed
  • Operational tilt mount to lay flat on trailer

 Model 2400MS

The latest member of our product line.  System specs:
  • 8’ reflector
  • L/S and L/S/X band capable
  • Controlled by ACU-M1 over fiber
  • Total system weight: 500 lbs. to 700 lbs.
  • Disassembles into transit cases
  • Assembled by 2 people in under 1 hour
  • Up to 25° per second maximum speed

Trailer Systems

Get quick deployment with trailer systems designed for every size antenna we make, featuring:
  • Reflectors—8’ to 7M
  • Comprehensive selection of RF configurations
  • Controlled by ACU-M1 over fiber
  • Weight depends on system size
  • Hydraulic lifts for deployment

Are you ready for a faster, more flexible tracking and pointing system?  Contact us for an assessment 
of your application.


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