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TCS provides a comprehensive range of leading-edge technologies customized to meet the specific requirements of each client. Our products are designed for precision, reliability, efficiency, and ease of use.  Innovative electronics and software designs are built to seamlessly integrate with your existing systems. 

The product line includes a complete selection of antenna systems ranging from 16 inches to 7 meters.  TCS’s engineers have the expertise to custom build the feed, pedestal and controller you need in house—whether you’re seeking a new tracking solution or an existing system upgrade.   Your solution is designed to work efficiently when installed as a fixed system, and offers the flexibility of modular capability.

TCS systems have been installed across the globe and are used in the following

  • Range Safety
  • Satellite Tracking
  • TT&C
  • Launch Support
  • Aircraft Tracking
  • Telemetry Gathering
  • Signal Sniffing
  • Flight Termination 

Custom Design at Satellite Speed
If you’re looking for a solution that goes beyond our current designs, we’re up to the challenge.  The organization of our company gives us the agility and expertise to design the cutting edge products you need faster than you thought possible. 


Product Line

TCS features an extensive array of products in these categories:

Tracking and Pointing Systems
Mobile Systems



The Leader in Product Support

TCS is the industry leader in product and customer support. The engineers that design and build your system are available to promptly assist you with questions and repairs. Because our engineers own TCS, your satisfaction is their priority.



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