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TCS Upgrades 2 ViaSat Systems for Space Force and Installs Launch Control Services
Thursday, September 02, 2021
TCS upgrades two ViaSat 20-ft antenna systems for Patrick Space Force Base by installing a TCS Pedestal Interface Unit that includes servos to control TCS installed motors and data packs. To control the antenna, we integrated out ACU-M1L as well. This provides control over the antenna system while integrating into Patrick Space Force Base infrastructure. The ACU now receives nominal files and trajectories over their DMNE network. It receives countdown time through 2 channels of CS-5246 time sources. Along with this, 2 channels of HDD data from their slaving network. Future proofing was provided by providing the DMNE and HDD capabilities over the network. All of this capability is also provided at a remote site through the Remote Control Software suite, also provided by TCS.

Launch Control Services
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